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What Are The Reasons For The Low Profit Of Custom Gift Bags

Issuing time:2018-04-14 13:58

In the current market, consumers generally believe that businesses and factories can profit from the sale of goods and never lose money. If this kind of thinking is put before 2009, it is indeed possible to take it out and sell it without losing money, but now our national market environment is still growing, but it is not so optimistic. The bag stocks produced by a gift bag manufacturer in Shenzhen are also One year is not as good as one year. It is not due to the decline of the industry, but due to various other reasons, Joybean Packaging and Printing today will share with you the reasons that will lead to changes in the service of tailored bags.

According to information provided by the Shenzhen gift bag manufacturer, China's current printing and packaging industry has gradually matured, and competition in the industry has gradually reached a state of saturation. This has led many manufacturers to adjust their prices and other ways to improve their competitiveness. This led to the decline in industry profits expected by theShenzhen gift bag makers, to the point where profits are now quite modest, even if some leading gift bag manufacturers in Shenzhen have accumulated customer resources and capital accumulation, they are developing business models. Continuous expansion can achieve good income performance in relative adversity. However, printing is no longer profitable. It is not just the Shenzhen gift bag manufacturer. It is the consensus of the general industry.

In particular, after so many years of financial shocks, we learned that the industry is a relatively strange phenomenon, which is mainly reflected in the average annual growth rate of the printing industry to maintain a double-digit growth rate, but in-depth industry, most of the practitioners and The bosses are complaining, this is precisely because the turnover is very objective, but in the final analysis, the profits are not satisfactory.

According to various data, the main reason for the analysis of Shenzhen gift bag manufacturers is that the continuous increase in the cost of raw materials and labor costs has resulted in a very thin margin in the printing and packaging industry. This is the main reason.

It turns out that there is not much profit that a hand bag can bring to a Shenzhen gift bag manufacturer. If you want to learn more about the industry or you can cooperate with Joybean Packaging and Printing, you can call the online customer service phone:13530802681 and the email address of Joybean Packaging and Printing:

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