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How To Control The Spot Color In The Box Printing

Issuing time:2018-03-14 00:00

In order to ensure the same batch, the color of different batches of paper packaging and printing in line with national standards and customer requirements, printing process in the box on the spot color for such control.

1. Make a color card

First of all, according to the color standard provided by the customer, the proportion of the spot color ink is given by the computer color matching system; then the ink sample is readjusted and the ink sample of different density is "displayed" Customers) on the color of the required range, with a spectrophotometer to determine the standard, the minimum limit, the depth of limitations, the production of printing standard color card (color aberration exceeded the need for further amendments).

2. Verify spot color

Taking into account the paper is the main factor affecting the color, so before each printing must use the actual printing paper "show" color samples, the control card slightly modified to eliminate the impact of paper.

3. Printing control

In the packaging and printing of the time using the printing standard color card on the spot color ink layer thickness control, advertising poster design at the same time to assist the density meter to measure the color of the main density, to overcome the ink dry and wet color density differences.

In short, in the process of printing the package, there are various reasons that lead to the color difference of the spot color. We should analyze and solve the problem for different reasons in actual production, try to keep the deviation within the minimum range, outdoor Advertising design and production of customer satisfaction package printed matter.

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